Mon-22-September-2014 Microwave dish mounted

In a spell of good weather, I mounted a spare 60cm dish on the front chimney. It is mounted on a standard yagi-type rotator, but it clears the chimney-pots and has a decent view West towards the Pennines, North,
round to East and the continent.

I took the fibreglass jocky-pole down with its 3cm transverter box & re-mounted the box on the dish.

GB3FNY at 067 deg comes in at 40dB over noise.

Occasionally I have heard GB3MAN across the Pennines via rain-scatter. As yet, I have not found a reflective way through to Peter G3PHO in IO93GG from here IO93FJ. The hill-top to the south of here is a good barrier on this band.