Turnpike Integrated Version 5.01 U email running on Ubuntu Linux

I’m continuing to learn about Linux, little by little.

I have been using Turnpike email software since I had an account with Demon Internet & it has stayed with me through a series of internet providers. I thought I might have to abandon Turnpike with the move to a new PC, but I decided to have a go at running it on Wine on Linux.

Much to my delight, this works! I’m using a 64bit PC, 64bit Ubuntu 14.04.2 and 32 bit Wine 1.7.

I shared the old Turnpike directory on my Win98SE machine. The new Linux machine found this over the LAN. I ran install an install for Turnpike version 1.1 and then upgrades for versions 4 & 5.01, all under Wine.

I copied the files over from the Win98SE machine to their new location in

I amended the relevant lines in CONNECT.INI & TURNPIKE.INI to reflect Turnpike’s new location. My only problem was that after connecting & fetching/sending emails, CONNECT.EXE crashed after 30s delay. The crash report mentioned mfc42.dll & user32.dll.

Firstly, I added the dll’s (from VCRedist) using Winetricks & they arrived in the syswow64 directory. It loaded both mfc42.dll and MFC64.DLL. These were different versions. I fetched a copy from Win98SE and overwrote MFC42.DLL. This appeared to be the same version as mfc64.dll and the later of the two versions.

Secondly, suspecting that CONNECT.EXE was trying to access a time server, I put a server address back in CONNECT.INI. SetClock was already set to NO.

Thirdly, in case it was trying to poll a serial port modem which didn’t exist, I clicked Stop on Dialling Status. (The software was originally installed with a serial port modem for dial-up access – those were the days!).
One of these measures seems to have fixed the problem.

CONNECT.EXE rebuilt the encrypted mail database.

I found a FAQ for Turnpike.

My only problem now is that when I click on Mail/News in Connect in order to launch Turnpike, turnpike appears in a window which is maximised. This is a minor problem however.

What did we do with our time before we had computers?