128GB SD memory card passed h2testw test

I was looking for a 128 GB USB flash drive to replace a 64GB stick that I had lost. I didn’t find a USB stick, but I did find a 128GB SD card sold by eccmart on eBay.

Many USB sticks for sale on eBay are fakes: the ads may claim the drives have been “upgraded”, i.e. the capacity register has been corrupted so that appears to the operating system that the capacity of the drive is higher than it actually is. So it’s a fake.

eBay seems quite happy to let people carrying on selling fakes.

I tested the eccmart card on Win7 with h2testw.exe and it checked out fine. So it seems to be a genuine memory card.

It formatted fine on Win7 with exFAT file system. Win7 would not let me format it as NTFS. Formatted as exFAT though, it would not mount on Ubuntu Linux however, so I used Linux to format the card as an NTFS drive. This worked and now it mounts on Win7 or Linux.

Running Windows CARDFILE.EXE on Ubuntu Linux (and Spider game)

Cardfile.exe is a simple name & address file which visually emulates a box card file. You can set up a new card and write anything on it you want to. It doesn’t have to be names and addresses. I think I may have acquired it with Windows 3.1. It’s probably a 16 bit application.

I was disappointed to find it would not work with Windows 7. Lack of forwards/backwards compatibility is something which puts me off windows.

I’m running it now via 32 bit WINE 1.7.55 on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1. For convenience I use an icon in the launcher bar which launches the application & opens my list of contacts in CONTACTS.CRD. The .desktop file (in /usr/share/applications) is:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Contacts File
Comment=Opens contacts.crd in Cardfile.exe
Path=/home/gray/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Cardfile

I found a suitable free icon file, so there is a link to this included.

Much to the delight of my partner, I’ve also discovered that the old windows Spider game runs on WINE too!