DB6NT 3cm transverter repaired “under guarantee”

The transmit side of the transverter continued to work fine, but the receive side had gone rather deaf. The ever useful Finningley beacon GB3FNY had become very hard to hear.

I took the dish down & retrieved the DB6NT transverter from the protective box.

I wondered whether I had accidentally blown up the schottky diode pair which protects the receiver output, so I removed it, but it tested OK.

I didn’t feel confident to delve further, so I sent the transverter back to Kuhne Electronics, asking for a quote for a repair.

A week later I had it back, fixed and no charge. It was fixed “under guarantee”. Perhaps this is a German type of guarantee that I am not familiar with? I think I had had the transverter about 3 years. Also I had modified it to give me an output to indicate reference oscillator lock. And removed the schottky diode pair! Anyway, this is excellent customer service.

Apparently a helical filter had lost a connection. Perhaps a dry joint? I don’t understand the cause of the fault, really. I’ve replaced the schottky diode pair.

I’ll take the opportunity to put up a sturdier, manually-turnable pole for the dish and add a linear amplifier, so I may be off 3cm for a while.