13cm band – UK radio amateurs must register with Ofcom (section 5.34)

Following John G3XDY’s reminder with the UK SHF results, I looked up the relevant Ofcom document.

If you intend to use the part of the 13cm band which lies between 2310 and 2350 MHz then you must register with Ofcom, according to the 50-odd page document:

Public Sector Spectrum Release, Amateur use of 2310 to 2450 and 3400 to 3475 MHz,(including notice of proposed licence variation to be made in 2015)

It is all relevant to our use of 13cm, however the relevant section about registration is section 5.34 which reads:
“In order to facilitate communication of any information related to future changes to other uses in this band, we are therefore requesting amateurs using 2310 to 2350
MHz register their use and provide contact details by emailing
providing the following information:
• Name
• Address (and location of use)
• Call sign
• Location of use
• Frequency range uses
• Type of use
• Regularity of use (e.g. evenings and weekends; 24/7; occasional)
• Transmit power (ie. EIRP)”
This registration is necessary in order to comply with our licence conditions, in particular the sections relating to non-interference to other users.
For calculating Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) in dBW, you can use G4URH’s handy calculator.

70cm & up contest Sat 6-May & Sun-7-May-2017

On the Saturday I tried 70cm. My best DX (furthest distance) was DF0MU at 611km. I also managed Conrad PA5Y, Gordon GI6ATZ,  David GM4JJJ & Robert GM4GUF/P all on the key and David GI4SNA on SSB. I ran the usual 10W to the 19 element yagi. This entry won a certificate: 170506_70cm_trophy_cert

On Sunday I tried 23cm and 13cm.

On 23cm DF0MU was my best DX again, but it was a surprise to work Maurice F6DKW. I don’t know what type of propagation this was. Maurice is not in a particularly good direction for me, being over the shoulder of the hill-top to the south. I couldn’t hear him at all at first. Then he just rose out of the noise & stayed there. The more distant contacts were all on the morse key as usual. The LT23S says 8W on its front meter. The coax goes via a relay & up to the 44 el Wimo a few metres above.

On 13cm, John G3XDY was my best DX. I ran 2W to the 40 el Wimo, with the FT-817 providing the drive.