Graves radar heard from the moon – EME

Barry G8AGN has stimulated my interest in this.

I listened for the Graves radar on 143.050 MHz this afternoon (Wed-30-Aug-2017). I could hear meteor pings & see them on the P3’s SVGA display.

When the moon had risen I could see & hear pulses of about 4 or 5s, ranging from 2dB over noise to 8dB over noise, maybe 100 or 200 Hz away from 143.050 MHz. I believe this is moon reflection of Graves radar.


My notes on Wed were poor. On Thursday eve (31-Aug), I listened again & heard meteor pings. One at 19:33 ish GMT was fat on the screen and lasted about 30s.

At 19:54 GMT I took this picture:


The blue-dotted horizontal lines are at 2dB intervals (I’ve never calibrated this!). The dial frequency in CW mode is 143.050,030 (so 30 Hz up from Graves). The green area is the listening passband, maybe 650Hz. If I’ve read correctly, the moon would have been at 16.6 el 176.6 az. The picture shows a trail of pulses going down the waterfall screen which I believe are reflections from the moon. About half way down the moon trace is a horizontal dash. This was a very audible ping from a meteor.

I was beaming about 170deg on the rotator controller and using the 9el (2m band) Tonna yagi.

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