Skoda Octavia Bolero radio mute problem/fault – complexity & stuff that doesn’t work

Another distraction from planned projects:

The car radio had decided to lock itself in a muted state. This isn’t much use for a radio! The CD player wouldn’t play any CDs. Turning up the volume made no difference. This mute is not volume fully down; sound is disabled. On the plus side, it had cured the problem of the annoying beep for touch-screen buttons.

What puzzled me is that there is no mute button. I searched the physical buttons. I searched the soft buttons in the screen menus. I searched the steering wheel & column for radio controls. No mute button.

In desperation I tried a reset to factory settings. This wiped all my presets.

Apparently Skoda has been swapping the radios under warranty to fix this fault.

Today my son Kevin M3KGC found a fix on an internet forum: hold the on/off button down for about 10s & the radio switches off & eventually re-boots. The mute symbol has gone & the sound is back… until the next time.

I suppose there is a computer in there controlling things. This looks like a software error. If you are having to search internet forums to find out how to turn the radio sound on, then the radio is too complex. At least this radio has a couple of knobs. Some make do with clicky buttons, clicking round functions in a loop. Damn! Missed it! Click round again. The buttons may have black markings on a black background. I could go on!

The forum discussion is here:

Look for andyvee‘s helpful contribution.

The downside is that the annoying beeps are back.

One thought on “Skoda Octavia Bolero radio mute problem/fault – complexity & stuff that doesn’t work

  1. Thanks for this tip! It saved my day! Since this morning my Bolero was unresponsive and with no audio. Too bad I already did a factory reset before reading your post so now I have to reconfigure it but that’s not a big deal 😉


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