23-January-2018 SHF UKAC

I activated 13cm with 2W and 3cm with 3W. I listened 144.175 on the FT-817 and heard no-one except Peter G3PHO.

It is nice to be able to swap bands just by pushing the band buttons on the K3 & see the actual band frequency on the P3. I can do this without extra switching as I use separate IFs for each band: 10m for 13cm (via 70cm) and 2m for 3cm.

Before the contest Peter G3PHO & I tried to make contact on 3cm. We failed again. There must be some path around the geography! And I have once heard him on this band, sending my callsign on CW morse code.

Somehow I managed to miss Mel G8EOP who went out portable in the wind. Also having worked Denis G3UVR on 3cm, I completely forgot to work him on 13cm.

Conditions were poor, particularly on 3cm. My best DX was Keith G4ODA. For the first time, I failed to hear Mandy M0MDY on the direct path, but I found a reflection to the East & worked her that way. I still don’t understand how Denis and I can hear one another, but the direct path seems quite reliable.

On 13cm, I was pleased to work G8CUL again. The path is obstructed to the South, so I assume this is via aircraft scatter. I didn’t think to try Neil G4BRK or Martyn G3UKV who I have worked in the past. I ought to get more organised on this band.