Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station 6250UK fault – no wind speed reading

I have had several weather stations at this location, bought via RadCom, Maplins & the like & none of them have survived long. They don’t seem to be able to cope with the weather! The latest of these is a Davis Vantage Vue. The package including the software had cost about £600, so I was hoping for a high quality station which would last many years.

The wind speed reading has shown zero for some months. I took advantage of the good weather today to take the sensor assembly down and investigate the problem.

It has been installed for two & a half years, so it is outside the two year warranty period now.

The anemometer and temperature sensor board is marked on the top:

Product: #6357OV, Model No. 6250UK, Manufacturing code MK15102 0050.

On the back is a sticker marked: 7345.405, D151012, GF026.

The magnetic sensor is marked: DAVIS 1507.


With the case off and the other telemetry working, I tried waving quite a powerful magnet near the magnetic anemometer sensor. This produced no reading.

I stripped away the water-proofing from the sensor device. I measured the resistance across it, in situ: 830 ohms.

I put an oscilloscope across the device and spun the anemometer magnets over the device. This produced voltage kicks, both positive & negative! So perhaps the device is a Wiegland wire sensor rather than a reed switch? This suggests that the rest of the rectifier/switching circuit is working.

I checked the receiving station: it showed a wind speed reading!

I put it all back in the box: no reading! I took the lid off the box again and re-soldered the two connections to the device, using a dab of flux & a little extra solder. Still not working. Perhaps there is some sort of intermittent fault?



One thought on “Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station 6250UK fault – no wind speed reading

  1. Same happened here. Did some tests with other magnet, strip the translucid waterproof layer of the top and of the contacts and nothing happened. Probably will have to change the speed board, but if you solved the problem other way, please let us know.


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