27-November-2018 SHF UKAC

There was some nice rain scatter (RS) before the contest. GB3FNY showed significant doppler rain scatter & the frequency of it shifted significantly as I swept the dish across the cloud.

All the RS seemed to have gone by the time the contest started at 7:30pm!

Conditions seemed poor. For the first time, I failed to work Keith G4ODA on 3cm. It took two goes to find Nick G4KUX.


For the first time I worked fewer stations on 13cm than on 3cm: only six contacts.


20-Nov-2018 23cm UKAC

Conditions were the worst I could remember on 23cm. I tried twice to work Brian GM4BYF. I could only hear snatches of him via AS (Aircraft Scatter). I failed to work him. Peter G4CLA was just audible. Gordon GI6ATZ was very up and down in signal strength, but I worked him using CW (morse code). I finished with only 21 contacts in 8 squares.

5-November-2018 opening on 3cm – G4BAO and GB3CAM

I was logged in on ON4KST’s site & saw a post on the chat from John G4BAO indicating that he had noticed a lift on 3cm. He worked Neil G4DBN who is a bit NE of here. I messaged John & he put his beacon on. I found it straight away, not far off where I thought the dish should be pointing. I peaked it horizontally and vertically.

John was 559. His signal was a bit up & down. I managed to decode “try SSB” from his morse code & we switched to SSB, where he was 53.

John & I have tried a number of times on 3cm and this is the first time we made it.

I could also hear GB3CAM a good 20+dB above the noise. This was a first too as the only UK beacon I have heard on 3cm up to now is GB3FNY.

The conditions didn’t last long and GB3CAM soon disappeared into the noise.