SpectraVue on WINE on Ubuntu Linux


On the Ubuntu 16.04 PC,  I inserted the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ into a USB socket. In terminal, lsusb (list usb) gave:

Bus 001 Devi6:ID 04d8:fb31 Microchip Technology, Inc.

Michael Hirsch’s blog has an entry on the topic of running SpectraVue on WINE on Linux.

I followed his instructions & downloaded Spectravue 3.39 into a new folder on my Ubuntu 16.04 PC:

~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/SpectraVue

WINE was already installed, so I skipped:

apt install wine

I used winetricks to install the .dll files:

winetricks mfc42 vcrun2010

And I added the alias:

alias SpectraVue=’wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/SpectraVue/SpectraVue.exe’

SpectraVue launched OK under WINE.

Then I needed siqs_ftdi in order to feed the data to SpectraVue, so I installed cutesdr:

sudo apt-get install cutesdr

However I could not find siqs_ftdi and it would not launch from terminal.


27-Jan-2019:  I tried installing cutesdr via Ubuntu Software Centre on a different machine running Ubuntu 14.04. The More Info definitely mentions “this package also supports SDR-IQ/14 using an included network protocol application (siqs_ftdi) by Andrea Montefusco IW0HDV with support from Ken Hopper N9VV”.

siqs_ftdi launched fine from terminal! It did not see the FCD though.

I tried again on the Ubuntu 16.04 PC:

sudo apt-get purge cutesdr

I tried Ubuntu Software Centre, but it did not find cutesdr. So I installed cutesdr again as above. It installed fine, but siqs-ftdi would not run. It wasn’t in /bin, though cutesdr was.

Overall: there seems to be a difference between installing cutesdr on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. I don’t understand why. I’ll give up on SpectraVue on Linux for the time being.


2 thoughts on “SpectraVue on WINE on Ubuntu Linux

  1. SpectraVue (now v3.39) certainly runs very well on Ubuntu 14/16/18 & Linux Mint 17/18/19 with siqs_ftdi – I’ve used it for many years and in fact I originally told Michael Hirsch about it and was credited for this on his blog.

    Not sure now where I found siqs_ftdi, but I can forward it to you if you still require it. I leave siqs_ftdi in my Home directory, and it can be started from the terminal with ./siqs_ftdi for testing and embodied in a script to run SpectraVue from a desktop icon by first starting siqs_ftdi then starting SpectraVue under Wine. I can forward this script to you also.

    The Debian repos still package siqs_ftdi with CuteSDR, and “claim” that it is installed to /usr/bin/siqs_ftdi. In my experience siqs_ftdi will require one additional library to run, but if this is not installed siqs_ftdi asks for it.

    siqs_ftdi is also used for CuteSDR in the same way and can be used with any RF Space SDR, you only mention a FunCube – I have never heard of SpectraVue or siqs_ftdi driving this particular SDR

    GQRX and Linrad will drive the FunCube and possibly Quisk which is very flexible in interfacing to different hardware

    Andy G3TDJ


  2. I have not yet returned to trying this again. I’m not a Linux expert, but more of a Win10 avoider. I still want to run Spectravue. Thanks for the update Andy. You have put this back on my To-Do list! 73 Graham


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