26-May-2019 UK Microwave Group 3cm contest

There had been some rain about, so I was hoping for some decent conditions. I was disappointed. Unusually, GB3FNY was only 10dB above noise, so I suspected a receive problem. Neil G4DBN said he heard FNY well down too and reckoned it was microwave- absorbing rain/drizzle.

I gave a few points away to just five stations: Neil G4DBN, Denis G3UVR, David G4RQI, Nick G4KUX and G3ZME/P. The latter station was over to the SW from here, so difficult over the ridge & through the trees.

I heard no-one to the SE.


18-May-2019 “2m May” contest

I entered this using the K3 driving an old Microwave Modules linear amp giving me about 20W to the 9el yagi. There seemed to be reasonable UK activity and I heard a few continentals. It was lovely to work Mark EI3KD again. He was strong on CW. I don’t seem to work may stations in Eire these days. Seven Scottish stations was a surprising haul. I did two 2 hour periods on the Saturday and the same again on the Sunday.

North-South seemed easier than East-West. I got 75 contacts in total. I can’t remember the last time I worked IO97 square. It is mostly sea! I failed to work JO02 and JO03. It was hard to hear anyone on the continent. In spite of this, my best DX was Helmut DL6YBF who was surprisingly strong in the conditions.