25-July-2019: Tropo propagation on 23cm & 3cm

I was up early and I must have heard some beacons and messaged DL1KDA via the ON4KST site for a contact on 3cm. We were 419 each way using CW (morse code) at 0650 GMT.  622 km to Alex in JO30MP. Alex beamed 018 deg off a reflection!

On 23cm at 0720 GMT I worked Hans DK2MN 59 each way SSB into JO32MC using my usual 8W to the 44el Wimo yagi. I asked if Hans had 3cm and he did. This resulted in an SSB contact. He was 58 with me and he gave me 57. 595 km and “arm-chair” copy!

I could hear the beacon PA0TGA/b on 10368.023 MHz in JO21WU at 529 km.